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A particularly delicately formed handful of Germany

...idyllic, full of poetry, a particularly delicately formed handful of Germany, this is the way in which the poet Eduard Mörike described Hohenlohe.

Little has changed since then. Wooded hills reaching into the fertile Plain of Hohenlohe, wide valleys surrounded by vinyards, quiet brooks, gently rolling hills, mixed forests, numerous small lakes and the main rivers Kocher and Jagst, all these give Hohenlohe's landscape its particular character.

Hohenlohe Land is situated in north-eastern Baden-Württemberg and consists mainly of the rural districts of Schwäbisch Hall and Hohenlohe.

IIlustrious tourist routes

IIlustrious tourist routes pass through Hohenlohe: The "Castle Route", the "Idyllic Route", the "German Holiday Route from the Alps to the Baltic", the "Swabian Wine Route" and the "Swabian Poets' Route". One can also arrive by the A6, A7, and A81 or by rail, air or bus.

It would, however, be a mistake to think that Hohenlohe is made up entirely of transit routes. No traveller should afford to miss the beauty and originality of Hohenlohe itself.

The castles and palaces

Let us start with the castles and palaces. Some of them have retained their lordly splendour while others are now only ruins, around which many legends have grown up. The region was named the "Land of Castles and Palaces" on account of the great number of historic buildings to be found here.

The Hohenloher have, to a great extent, succeeded in preserving the original appearance of the country-side and the towns and villages. Medieval townscapes, living village communities, quiet natural beauty spots, clean air, a wealth of flora and fauna and many things of beauty which, as is so often the case, are only to be found in more remote areas.

Hohenlohe, however, also stands for a variety of Cultural activities, friendly people and pastimes to suit every taste.