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Description of the Coat of Arms of the District of Hohenlohe

District of Hohenlohe. - Coat of Arms: In silver (white) above an elevated red escutcheon foot, inside of it a silver (white) six-spoked wheel as well as two striding, red-tounged, black lions (leopards) with a bowed tail, both of them looking to the front.

The District of Hohenlohe was created out of the former Districts of Kuenzelsau and Oehringen and parts of the former Districts of Buchen, Schwaebisch Hall and Crailsheim as part of the district reform act of 1973. The newly created District of Hohenlohe chose a coat of arms that is dominated by the heraldry animals of the House of Hohenlohe, alluding to the district’s name and the preeminent position of the House of Hohenlohe in the history of the region.

The wheel (Wheel of Mainz) positioned in the escutcheon foot points at the former close affiliation between some parts of the region, especially the region around Krautheim, and the archdiocese of Mainz. The coat of arms was granted by the Ministry of the Interior on April 3rd 1974.

The usage of the coat of arms needs the express permission of the county management of the District of Hohenlohe, the County Manager’s Office.