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Various festivals

The Hohenloher are a hard-working people who like to work just as hard at celebrating - and opportunities are not lacking.

The various festivals celebrating historic events are very popular, and market and fair days are also an excuse for a celebration. Conviviality plays an important part in life here. The castles, palaces and ruins provide a picturesque background.

It is not only the "big" festivals, which are popular but also the innumerable village and country festivals. Originality and love of festivity have remained undiminished up today. This also applies to the "spirited" wine festivals.

Hohenlohe wine and beer

It need hardly be mentioned that on these occasions Hohenlohe wine is served. The "variety of flavour and high standard" of this "special wine from Württemberg" has been vouched for.

Apart from the vinyards, wich have formed the landscape of Hohenlohe, an excellent beer is also produced. Brewed according to original recipes and corresponding to German standards, it, like the wine, can be enjoyed in cultivated surroundings.

You can raise your glass to that!