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The fortified wall

Before the word Hohenlohe had ever been heard of, the Romans built their fortified wall, the Limes, through the area which was then inhabited by Germanic tribes. Remains bearing witness to the Roman occupation are to be seen both in the open countryside and carefully preserved in museums.

The word Hohenlohe was first mentioned a little less than a thousand years ago when the noble family zu Hohenlohe acquired power and influence in the area. Wherever a member of the family settled a castle or palace was built.

The relationship between the population and its rulers was so close that the former assumed the rulers' name and called themselves Hohenloher.

Götz of the Iron Hand

The bond remained strong even after 1806 when Napoleon and the House of Württemberg occupied Hohenlohe and put an end to the principalities and the modern Hohenloher still has a special relationship to "his" prince.

The famous knight, Götz von Berlichingen, immortalized by Goethe, is also part of Hohenlohe`s history. Götz of the Iron Hand took part in the Knights War from Krautheim in the Jagst valley. He relucatantly attended school in Niedernhall and was buried, after an eventful life, in Schöntal Monastery.