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Hohonlohe´s cultural scene

Open-air theatre enjoys great popularity in Hohenlohe. Schwäbisch Hall, Jagsthausen and Stetten Castle are venues for plays during the summer months. Classical music in historic surroundings is to be heard at he concerts of the "Hohenlohe Culture Summer" which was originated in Schöntal Monastery.

Castles, palaces, monasteries and churches are turned into concert-halls for the music-lover. Modern music also plays an important part in Hohonlohe´s cultural scene, as do art exhibitions, poetry readings, puppet-theatre and demonstrations of old handcrafts.

Variety of museums

The fact that museums need not necassarily be boring is proved by the sheer variety of the collections that are to be seen: Palace and castle museums, the Motor Museum, the geological Shell Limestone Museum, the Local History Museum or the museum for old handcrafts, every visitor will find something of interest.

The castle and palace museums document the history of life within noble walls, whereas, in the open-air museum at Wackershofen, the life and work of the farming community is shown.

Hohenlohe's many churches, of which it is said that no two spires are similar, are well worth seeing. Collections of dolls, the Military Museum, the Pewter Museum, the Roman Museum, the Excavation Museum and many more, are all further spashes of colour on the multicoloured pallette of museums to be found in the towns and villages of Hohenlohe.